“Brands don’t need more rules. They need better 
(and proven) insights to navigate change.”
Brand Intervention. The first book written for CEOs, entrepreneurs, brands, and startups that don’t have time to read a book on branding.

Written by brand expert David Brier. Foreword written by Daymond John, CEO of FUBU and star of the hit TV show, Shark Tank.
It’s 290 full-color pages of exact real-world branding steps with zero-fluff, no filler and no BS. The last 50 pages are the Brand Intervention Playbook, full-color examples that show you exactly how these are applied to real companies like yours, companies that have... crushed it.
The last 50 pages are the Brand Intervention Playbook, full-color examples that show you exactly how these are applied to real companies like yours, companies that have… crushed it.
Brand Intervention, 33 Steps to Transform Your Brand Into the Brand You Need, launched on Amazon and, within 2 days, it rose to the #1, #2 and #5 positions for all three versions (hardcover, paperback and Kindle) on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list dominating this critical list ever since.
That same day, Huffington Post wrote, “Brand Intervention is a must-read for today’s businesses and startups that want to stay ahead of the endlessly shifting marketing options we all try to keep up with. The book content and format are killer, unlike any other book on branding I’ve ever read or seen.”
What readers say
“Brand Intervention is like NO other book on branding. I've read or attempted to read many books on this subject. Most books on branding, as a small business owner, just don't apply or are hard to understand how to apply what the author is trying to explain. In Brier's book, there are so many great visuals, so many real examples of how to... examples of a lifetime of experience in branding, carefully dissected into information easily understood and better: you can actually see how to apply what he is teaching you to your own brand.”

“My new Branding Bible — like a hot knife, this book slices straight to the point — 33 of them in fact.” “What I find remarkable is how Brier was able to distill so many salient points that caused me to take a deep breath and really look at my own branding and instantly see how and where I need to improve. In short, it kicked my butt and caused me to wake up and smell the branding.”

“A branding book like no other…”

“I don't use the word 'genius' lightly... and David is no less than a genius.”

“This in-depth masterpiece will change your perception of 'branding' altogether.”

“David Brier is a master communicator. In this book, it becomes even clearer why it is so important for business leaders and marketers to identify and nail the ‘point.’ Entertaining, easy to read, and equally easy to digest. This is for those who want to know branding, faster.”

“It is direct, informative and best of all — actionable. None of us has time to wade through reams of paper (to make an author feel good about how much he can write) while we try to pick up something we can use. David gets very high marks for his right-to-the-meat style.”
Who needs this book
• You want to eliminate the unnecessary mistakes made by so many brands
• You want to capitalize on the experiences of someone who has helped brands 
   sell over $3 billion in products and services 
• You are stuck or struggling where you are at
• You are not satisfied with where your brand is and know you’re capable of more
• You and your brand are doing ok, but you need to find the next level
• You need 2018 to be a massively successful year
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